brexit IMPACT on BUSINESS? – Impartial Brexit Planning Specialists, Serving Private, Public and Third Sectors, helping understand Brexit impact on business. 

Brexit is widely considered by experts to be a highly complex topic for businesses to adapt to. As 1 January 2021, fast approaches, businesses need expert guidance to help them identify the Brexit challenges ahead as they look for post Brexit business opportunities. With our ongoing support you can plan a successful path through the changes. has a team of Brexit and business resilience experts who can help you to understand the impact of the changes Brexit will bring as you look for business opportunities after Brexit. Our team can provide your business, organization or business community with Brexit consultancy or provide training for Brexit / EU Exit readiness and COVID-19 business continuity planning.  

We have already helped over 1,500 SME businesses with Brexit training as a delivery partner under contract to London Growth Hub. achieved this by delivering more than 80 hands-on workshops, presentations, 1-to-1 confidential business surgeries and webinars over the course of a year. 

Our Brexit Experience

We delivered Navigating Brexit for SMEs  for the London Growth Hub, Greater London Authority and the Mayor of London.  Over the course of a year, we helped build Brexit business resilience for 1,500 of London’s SMEs.  Read our case study here. 

Our research has shown that more than 70% of small to medium sized businesses in the UK have no plan for Brexit at all.  Some will wait and see what the changes bring. 

This could mean that the businesses face unanticipated changes at short notice.  We have proven experience working with SMEs to prevent this situation.

Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation discussion to explore how can help the businesses you are supporting. We offer a range of services and are happy to discuss your requirements and tailor a bespoke package for you that is within your budget. : We Build SME Resilience

These are turbulent times. Just when it appeared that the UK’s withdrawal from the EU had been injected with direction after years of uncertainty, humanity found itself contending with the SARS COV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic. Now, as the UK government begins to ease the lockdown imposed in response to this public health crisis and reopen the economy, many economists believe a global economic depression looms. In order to thrive once again, businesses must carefully rethink every aspect of their operations and now is the time for them to do it.


Some businesses have already been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. To successfully manage their way through this public health crisis all businesses should create a business continuity plan to protect the health of their business, their employees and their customers. 

Our experts have studied how businesses in countries where COVID-19 hit first, responded to the challenge of rebuilding. We are ready to share these learnings with businesses in the UK, EU and further afield.

Let our business resilience experts help you navigate simultaneously through two of the biggest uncertainties that the UK has ever had to face: Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation discussion with you to explore how we can help your business or the businesses that you are supporting. We offer a range of services and are happy to discuss your requirements and tailor a bespoke package for you that is within your budget.

At Magiboards we wanted to explore if we could make use of the stellar growth of Amazon by selling some of our products in the platform; previous attempts to list and sell our products had failed and ended up costing us more than it generated. Chris MacNeil at e/Booster gave us advice on what type of products to trial, how to create listings for these, how to get inventory to Amazon and, perhaps most importantly, how to navigate the unique processes of the Amazon organisation and systems. Almost all of the pitfalls and hurdles that Chris alerted us to came onto our path, but thanks to his excellent consultancy we were able to deal with these efficiently and the trail products we launched on Amazon are now selling successfully and we are looking to add more products. I cannot recommend Chris high enough. He is there for you when you need him and either Chris or his associates will be able to answer all of your questions very clearly and efficiently.
Erwin van der Stap, Magiboards Limited