Support Your SMEs Through
The Cost Of Living Crisis

Welcome to Resilience Help.

For many years, we have assisted local authorities respond to the needs of their SMEs by providing practical solutions that empower businesses to keep trading through tough times. Through our services, we help you to support your SMEs by making them more resilient to existing and future challenges.

With the current cost of living crisis in the UK, SMEs need the support of local authorities more than ever before. They need the right advice and guidance to see them through the turbulent times ahead, and our expert team can provide the answers that they need. We will provide the support that you need, so that you can support your SMEs in the most effective way.

Our team at has the expertise and experience to help guide your SMEs through the challenges that they are facing now, and those they will face in the future. You can be truly responsive to the needs of your SMEs by hiring us to provide them with the information and the skills that they need to not only weather the storm, but experience growth.

How we can help your SMEs

We are able to help you support your SMEs with the following range of professional services:

Sales and Ecommerce

Our expert team can help your SMEs to increase sales by leveraging the use of third parties such as Amazon. We have considerable experience in this area and have helped a number of SMEs open up new sales channels in the UK and overseas. Selling on Amazon is a complex process, and we will guide your SMEs to maximise their chances of success. Find out more about our ecommerce services

Digital Consultancy Sales and Ecommerce

SMEs know how to run their businesses, but often they are overwhelmed when it comes to technology. They know that the use of technology can make them more productive and efficient, but they don’t know where to start. Our experts at Resilience Help provide practical advice and guidance so that SMEs make the right decisions about the digital world. Find out more about our digital consultancy services

Credit Counselling

Many SMEs overlook the importance of their business credit profiles as they are under pressure to deliver in other areas they deem more important. The problem is that a poor credit rating will prevent your SMEs from obtaining inexpensive debt financing or refinancing. 

We are credit counselling experts and can provide your SMEs with the information and guidance that they need to ensure that their credit rating is the best it can be.

Find out more about our credit counselling services

Legal Consultancy

All of your SMEs need good legal advice and you can respond by providing them with our expert legal consultancy services. Today it can be a legal minefield for businesses, especially in the area of contract law. Support your SMEs with our expert legal consultancy services. Find out more about our legal consultancy services

We have the Experience helping Local Authorities that you need

Resilience Help has already helped more than 1,500 SMEs with the provision of Brexit training as a delivery partner under contract to the London Growth Hub. We achieved this by delivering over 80 hands-on workshops, presentations, one on one confidential business surgeries and webinars.

We have a track record of delivering high levels of satisfaction to local authorities. At Resilience Help we understand that the needs of local authorities differ. Our team have experience of responding to tenders, winning tenders, and providing bespoke solutions to local authorities that will work for them and their SMEs.

No Project is Too Small

At Resilience Help we are very flexible and agile when it comes to the scope of projects. Through our experience, we are finding that as budgets are tight, smaller projects may be the way forward for your local authority.

We can respond to you a lot faster and more efficiently than most of our larger competitors can. If you need a project delivered fast then we are ideally positioned to respond to your needs. Projects with a value of less than £20,000 are our speciality. By providing us with a direct award of a few thousand pounds, we will deliver a high-quality result for you as our overheads are low. 

Most of our competitors are not interested in smaller projects, because their overheads are such that they would have to charge you a lot more for a service that we can provide equally well (in most cases better) for less. 

So, if you have a small project that you need delivering fast to respond to the needs of your SMEs, contact us so that we can have an explorative conversation. Most of the time we will be able to deliver the project for you so that you provide the support that your SMEs need.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today here to arrange a no-obligation discussion to explore how Resilience Help can assist the businesses that you are supporting. We offer the services that your SMEs need in the current climate and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements and tailor a bespoke package for you that is within your budget.
I booked a free, one-to-one, Brexit advice session for my small business through Haringey Council’s Business Brexit Advice Service, when I saw it advertised in this newsletter.  I found the session really useful and came away with some valuable, practical advice. I’m the Chief Writing Officer, a management consultant and strategic communications advisor, supplying consultancy services to national, European and international clients. I’m also a Haringey-based small business.  I live and work in Wood Green, N22, with an office base at Blue House Yard.  Most of the press coverage about the effects of Brexit has focused on the trading of physical goods in and out of the UK, but I export services which I knew might also be a problem area. I had already tried to find out more myself, but was having trouble getting any real, nitty-gritty information. In my 30-minute Brexit advice session, held on Zoom,  I spoke to a friendly and knowledgeable advisor from ReslienceHelp, Sietske de Groot, an expert on EU trade law and regulations and experienced in working with small businesses. Sietske had done some prior research using background about my business I had supplied and she was able to give clear guidance and help on some very practical questions about contracts and payments. I came away from the session with a better sense of what I need to do next to deal with potential problems before they arise. After the session Sietske sent an email summarising the advice and sharing some useful links she had pointed me to. I’ve never been a fan of Brexit, but it’s here now and I want to keep exporting my services. This session helped me understand the risks and opportunities for my business be
Karen Triggs, Management Consultant