Are you looking for Business Resilience Experts to guide your small and medium businesses through Brexit updates?

We are living in uncertain times right now.  The impact of Brexit is not fully understood by a lot of businesses and they are unable to put a plan in place for a successful transition.  They need business resilience support. provides that support.


There is no need for businesses in your community to hire expensive consultancies to “reinvent the wheel” in order to help them plan for the Brexit transition. Some businesses are talking about having a dedicated team that will have to research the rules from scratch in order to manage the transition.  

This is unnecessary when already have mature support tools in place, ready for delivery.


We are an independent expert team who fully understand what leaving the EU means for small and medium sized businesses.  Our advisors have founded and run successful businesses from scratch, and have worked for some of the world’s largest organisations across a wide range of sectors. 

As a local authority, you can use our services whenever you need them to support your local businesses.


At we have cut through all of the confusion and hype surrounding Brexit and established the facts that businesses need to be aware of.  We have experts on our team that have a thorough understanding of how the EU works and what businesses in the UK will need to do to ensure a smooth transition through the process.

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About Our Brexit SME Business Resilience Programme

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Are you looking for an expert team that have been a trusted partner of the London Growth Hub to advise the businesses you are responsible for to navigate through Brexit successfully?

Read our case study here.

Our research shows that around 70% of small to medium businesses in London and the South East have no preparations in place for the Brexit transition.  Although the UK left the EU on 31 January 2020, the changes that this will bring are unlikely to be experienced by businesses in your area until the end of 2020. 

The time to act is now! is a team of experts that can provide tailored business resilience support to small and medium sized businesses.  We have already helped over 1,500 businesses across all 31 Boroughs of London, as well as the City of Westminster and City of London to help them to understand the changes that Brexit will bring.

We achieved this through more than 80 workshops, a number of 1-2-1 sessions and presentations to businesses by our four expert advisors, and supported by a strong events team.  Local authorities and businesses alike were very impressed by the services that we provided.   See only a few of the glowing testimonials we have received here.  

Are you looking for assistance for your local businesses to successful transition through the COVID-19 pandemic?

It is essential that businesses take the right steps to transition successfully through the COVID-19 pandemic. We have partnered with Mindyasa Limited who are specialists in organisational health, particularly as regards the coronavirus pandemic.  They have closely studied the development of the pandemic in East Asia and have applied European business strategy to create a robust business resilience playbook to support organisations of all sizes transition through the pandemic. are authorised resellers of the playbook and applying our achievements in delivering large scale resilience programmes, can assist business with the implementation of a successful COVID-19 transition plan. 

The Mindyasa playbook was written by FTSE 100 business leaders and is the number one guide for businesses that require step-by-step guidance. are here to provide your small to medium sized businesses with all of the business resilience help that they need.  In these uncertain times we can help you to provide the support that they need to make a successful transition through Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meet the Team

Chris MacNeil
Chris MacNeil 
MD, client relations, project manager
For over 20 years Chris has helped other businesses and individuals deliver impressive results. He enjoys sharing this experience with his clients, and uses this experience to build roadmaps for durable and sustainable future profit models. As a global visionary, he holds experience on three continents and can help identify and achieve new goals within your organisation, whether your target market is on your doorstep, or the other side of the planet.
“I have been actively selling on Amazon for over five years. Following the Brexit Referendum in 2016, I saw there were potential risks to my business. I immediately embarked upon contingency planning, which included expanding my Amazon consultancy offering. Research into what Brexit potential risks (and opportunities) would bring to business caused me to open a Brexit consultancy and share these learnings with other businesses.”
Sietske de Groot
Sietske de Groot
EU expert, regulatory geek and government specialist
Before setting up her own consultancy TradePeers Ltd, Sietske represented the Federation of Small Businesses at EU level. She has worked on EU legislation and free trade deals throughout her career, and knows what reasonably can and cannot be expect. During her time at the FSB, Sietske has been closely involved in the negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
“I am a seasoned EU expert and offer trainings, briefings and consultancy to help organisations understand what the UK’s different relationship with the Single Market could mean for their activities in the EU or with the UK. I know Brussels inside out but I am also well-versed in the nitty-gritty of EU trade negotiations because of previous involvement in (what was going to be) the EU-US Free Trade Agreement. With this knowledge and experience I ‘translate’ what is happening at a political level and help businesses and organisations preparing for a new commercial environment, whether they are based inside or outside the UK.”
Guido Reinke
Guido Reinke 
Ph.D., CFE, CISA, CIMA(BA) – Data Protection specialist, with legal assurance and regulatory compliance background

Guido advises firms in matters of regulation and compliance programmes. After working for the European Commission in Brussels, he worked for more than fifteen years in the City of London. He has first-hand experience of British politics and the implications of EU regulation. Guido holds a Doctorate in Politics and International Relations from the University of London, has lectured on Regulatory Governance at the London School of Economics and has published on topics and trends in the industry. His latest book, “The Regulatory Compliance Matrix”, was a bestseller in the business law category. 

“I’m an assurance professional advising firms in matters of regulation, corporate governance and complex compliance programmes. My industry specialism is financial services and information and communication technology. After employment by the European Commission, I worked for regulated industries and at Big Four professional services firms. People I work with appreciate my deliverable-focused management approach, analytical mindset, attention to detail and empathy.”
About 1
Rosina Robson
Rosina is a Policy and Public Affairs Director with fifteen years’ experience of promoting and representing the interests of small businesses at a UK and EU level. She has worked on international trade issues for leading UK business trade associations, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and the Producers Alliance for Cinema and TV (PACT). Rosina started her career in the European Directorate of the Foreign Office and has a Masters degree in Global Politics from the University of London (Birkbeck).
“I have advised small businesses based across the UK and operating within the retail sector, manufacturing, business services, media and creative industries. I have been a keynote speaker at conferences in the UK and Europe, focusing on the impacts of Brexit on business. At the FSB I engaged with Ministers and officials to influence the work of the Department for International Trade, and published a key report on reducing the barriers to trade for small businesses. I have drafted multiple expert submissions on trade and wider business issues for Government consultations and Parliamentary Committees.”

What you need to do now is a reliable, competent and proven business resilience partner that is here to help you educate the SME’s in your area about the impact of Brexit and the coronavirus and help them create and implement a successful transition plan.

If you would like to know more about us then please contact us so that we can arrange a no obligation discussion on how we can provide expert business resilience support for the SME’s within your community.