There is an old adage that a failure to plan, is a plan to fail. Most businesses, including SMEs will be affected by the UK leaving the EU and with the promise of a Brexit trade deal to initiate after the end of the transition period, it is imperative that the businesses you support begin to think about how it could affect them and what steps they can take to mitigate the impact on their businesses.

Brexit Trade Deal and Business Support

Businesses need to assess where they are right now and where they need to be when January 2021 comes. To do that they need to fully understand the changes that will come so they can plan now for a successful transition rather than react later.
Our experts at can help your SMEs identify the opportunities and threats that the new working relationship with the EU will bring. They have the knowhow to assist businesses to prepare for a slowdown in the European market by fully explaining the changes that will take place.
Here are some important areas where our business resilience experts can help:

The Impact on the UK Job Market

ebooster business resilience for SMEs new working relationship with the EU will make it difficult for some EU nationals to stay in the UK and perform the jobs they currently have. It’s essential that the businesses you are responsible for fully understand what is likely to happen here and put the right plans in place to look after their employees, or risk losing them to competitors.

The Impact on the Supply Chain

EU Exit Business Resilience 1Businesses need to be aware of the impact the new working relationship with the EU is likely to have on their supply chains. How will any restrictions on the movement of supplies affect their business? If a business is susceptible to supply chain vulnerabilities caused by leaving the EU they need to know what they can do to counteract this.

Customers and Marketing

EU Exit Business Resilience 2How will leaving the EU affect the marketing plans of small to medium size businesses? They may find they’re faced with increased competition during and after the Brexit transition period and that they will need to intensify their marketing efforts to stay ahead of the game.
How will the these changes impact the customers of SMEs? Will the customers change their perception of the business? To stay ahead of the competition, all businesses need to look at the products and services they offer and make any necessary changes to keep themselves in the game. New products and services may be required as part of the Brexit transition as well.
Businesses need to understand that they may need to rewrite and/or renegotiate some of their existing contracts with customers and suppliers as there may be clauses and terms that will require revision to reflect the new working relationship with the EU.


EU Exit Business Resilience 3All businesses need to be cognizant of how the end of the Brexit transition period could affect their growth plans. Will they for instance require additional capital to overcome the challenges that our new relationship with the EU will bring? If so, they need to plan for this now so they can secure the funds they need.
Businesses that fail to anticipate a need for additional funding now may find it more difficult and expensive to raise additional capital at short notice.

Intellectual Property

EU Exit Business Resilience 4Some small and medium-sized businesses will have community designs and European Trade Marks that will not provide any them with any protection for their intellectual property in the United Kingdom after Brexit. Trademarks are of great value to businesses and they will need to protect themselves by using UK trademarks.

Our Business Resilience Support Services

We can deliver the following professional services to the small to medium businesses that you have responsibility for:
1-Day Services 3-Day Services 5-Day Services
Business resilience workshops (new relationship with the EU)
1 x 2 hour workshop
3 x 2 hour workshops
5 x 2 hour workshops
Presentation by a Business Growth Advisor at your Networking Event
1 x 30 minute presentation
3 x 30 minute presentations
5 x 30 minute presentations
15 minute – 1-2-1 advice sessions
2 hours (equal engaging with 8 businesses)
6 hour (equal to engaging with 24 businesses)
10 hours (equal to engaging with 40 businesses)
Bespoke factsheets on post-Brexit trade
3 Factsheets on topics / sectors of mutual agreement
5 Factsheets on topics / sectors of mutual agreement
Specific ICT / Data protection advice
½ day session
Other Services we can provide to you:
  • Draft blogs for a business audience
  • Provide support for marketing events to the business community
  • Produce sector specific fact sheets (e.g. food and drink, financial services, ecommerce)
  • Produce general interest fact sheets (e.g. employing EU citizens, GDPR etc)
  • Provide training / webinars: 15 minute confidential 1-2-1’s, 30 minute presentations and 2 hour training sessions
  • Provide reports / analysis / studies on specific sectors and / or geographies
  • Produce professional infographics
  • Provide review / sanity check services of RFQs and RFPs
  • Help you to write / review policies
  • Provide an expert speaker for panel discussions
  • Troubleshoot specific problems
  • Attend trade fairs (when this is possible again!)
  • Provide “train-the-trainer” services
  • Create new course material – general, or subject specific such as GDPR, ecommerce, movement of people, services will work with you to create a tailored business resilience package for the businesses you have responsibility for, that suits your budget. Please contact us here now to arrange a no obligation chat about how we can help you.