Mastering the Art of Selling Online for SMEs in Hackney through Newable

Mastering the Art of Selling Online – March 2023


ResilienceHelp, a specialist SME business support provider, collaborated with national business support group Newable to deliver a 2-hour webinar for SMEs based in Hackney. This event was part of the ‘Hackney Build Business Resilience’ series delivered by Newable on behalf of the London Borough of Hackney. The informative session aimed to provide insights and practical tactics on mastering the art of selling online, focusing on Amazon and other marketplaces.


The primary goal was to equip local businesses with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively leverage e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and others. Additionally, the webinar addressed key areas such as creating high-quality listings, obtaining PR, and optimizing Shopify websites to enhance online sales and presence in competitive markets.


ResilienceHelp designed the 2-hour interactive webinar by collaborating closely with Newable, ensuring content relevancy and significance to local challenges faced by SMEs in Hackney. The session focused on the following main topics:


Attendance at ResilienceHelp’s “Mastering the Art of Selling Online” webinar exceeded expectations, attracting entrepreneurs and decision-makers from various industries across Hackney. Participants reported increased awareness and confidence in approaching e-commerce, with newfound appreciation for the nuances involved in thriving online.

Key Takeaways

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. They appreciated the easy-to-understand approach used during presentations, covering essential topics without overwhelming any participant who lacked previous e-commerce experience. One business owner remarked that the webinar “was a game-changer,” as it provided vital tools necessary to tackle the ever-evolving digital marketplace.


ResilienceHelp’s collaboration with Newable proved successful by delivering tangible outcomes benefiting Hackney-based SMEs. By offering practical training around online selling across various platforms such as Amazon and Shopify, these enterprises are now better equipped to expand into new markets, introduce novel products, or simply fine-tune existing services. In addressing local economic needs, ResilienceHelp continues to strive for promoting resilience among SME businesses.
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