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Resilience Help has vast experience in the field of ecommerce and opening up new sales channels for SMEs. The primary vehicle that they recommend for this is Amazon. We recommend selling on Amazon as it is the largest online marketplace in the world.
A lot of SMEs try to sell their products through Amazon but don’t get the results that they want. It is more difficult to be a successful seller on Amazon than most business owners think. Anyone can open an Amazon Seller account and list their products for sale, but that is no guarantee that they will make sales.

Selling through Amazon can take a Business to the Next Level but…

If your SMEs decide to sell their products on Amazon in the UK and beyond it can take their business to the next level. But they need to know what they are doing. Unfortunately, there are common mistakes that businesses make when they are trying to sell on Amazon, and Resilience Help can make your SMEs aware of these mistakes and advise on how they can avoid them.
There is a lot more to selling on Amazon than listing products. Your SMEs need a defined marketing strategy that will provide their products listed on Amazon with maximum exposure. The listings that your SMEs create on Amazon need to be optimised properly so that conversions are high.
Many business owners do not setup their Amazon Seller accounts properly and this results in problems down the line. Amazon can suspend, or even shut down, a seller account very quickly if they perceive that it has contravened their terms and conditions. Getting seller accounts reinstated is possible but usually takes a long time.
These are just some of the problems that businesses face when they are trying to sell their products on Amazon. This is just the tip of the iceberg…

How Resilience Help can Guide your SMEs to be Successful with Amazon

Chris MacNeil has years of experience of successfully selling on Amazon. He has guided the parent company of Resilience Help, e-Booster Ltd, to make over 100,000 sales a year with 2,000 unique products across 14 different countries.
The experience that Chris has with selling on Amazon is invaluable. By hiring Resilience Help to assist your SMEs to sell on Amazon, you will empower them with several advantages that most businesses do not have.
Resilience Help can provide bespoke training on Amazon selling for your SMEs. We are also able to provide one on one consultation sessions with representatives of your SMEs to guide them on the best way to sell on Amazon.
We can provide your SMEs with training sessions on the benefits of selling through Amazon, and the best way for them to get started on their sales journey. Within this session, the Resilience Help team will explain how to assess different sales opportunities, common misconceptions about selling on Amazon, how to setup internally for Amazon sales and much more.
If some of your SMEs are already Amazon sellers and not getting the results that they want, the experts at Resilience Help will optimize existing sales listings and recommend improvements to increase conversions.
It is very important that your SMEs take everything into account when calculating potential profits when selling on Amazon. Our experts at Resilience Help will guide your SMEs through this and also recommend the best pricing and repricing strategies to maximise profits.
Resilience Help can also advise your SMEs on:
  • Successful international selling through Amazon
  • Multi language and multi culture support
  • How to source the best products
  • The best way to ship products to Amazon
  • The resources that you need in place to comply with the Amazon terms and conditions
  • The best Amazon selling tools
  • VAT and accounting
And much more…

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